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קורס IELTS #22 | IELTS MasterClass #22

all you need to know to pass your IELTS English Test

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חמשת הנרשמים הראשונים משלמים 1190 במקום 1490 עם קופון yayIELTS, אז הרשמו מהר-מהר לפני שיגמר yayIELTS Discover IELTS preparation strategies from Avi Yulzari If you are planning to study abroad or move to another country to work or live, you may be asked to prove your English language ability with the IELTS test. The IELTS course from Avi Yulzari will give you all the information and practice you need to approach all four parts of IELTS with confidence that you can achieve the band score you need. Our course includes: a description of each part of the test and what you have to do to achieve a good band score the assessment criteria that tell you what your examiner is looking for exam techniques to help you tackle all types of test questions tips and strategies for successful test preparation and for improving your English ability practice tests to help you know what to expect on test day As well as that, each course looks at common problems language learners have with that language skill: Speaking how to give full and fluent answers to the examiner’s questions how to improve your confidence when speaking English planning a short talk in English finding enough to say improving your pronunciation the grammar you need for the test Reading techniques like skimming and scanning to improve your test reading speed reading about unfamiliar topics in English improving your vocabulary and dealing with unknown words coping with time pressure Writing understanding and describing charts and data writing about trends planning an essay the grammar and vocabulary you need Listening listening test techniques widening your listening range staying focused when you listen listening to conversations in English


You are welcome to make changes to or cancel appointments up to 24 hours before the appointment start time. Unfortunately, changes or cancellations are not possible under 24 hours before a session. Note: this policy pertains to one-on-one sessions only. Every group course has its own cancellation policy, so MIND THAT HAHAHA ;) אפשר לשנות סלאש לבטל שיעור עד 24 שעות לפני השיעור ללא עלות. לצערי לא ניתן לשנות או לבטל שיעורים פחות מ 24 שעות לפני תחילתם ויגבה עליהם תשלום מלא. כדי לבטל שיעור ניתן לשלוח לי מייל או ווטסאפ. שימו לב: התנאים הללו תקפים לשיעורים אחד-על-אחד בלבד. בקורסים קבוצתיים יש תנאי ביטול הרלוונטים אליהם, אז שימו לב שימו לב ויאללה נתראה בקרוב

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