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שאלות GMAT כמותי קשות: שאלות DS Value/Order/Factors

שאלות GMAT קשות

בפוסט הזה תמצאו 22 שאלות GMAT כמותי קשות מסוג Data Sufficiency על מספרים שלמים. נראה אתכם!


  1. If x and z are integers, is x + z^2 odd?

  2. Each entry in the multiplication table above is an integer that is eit

  3. Given a positive number N, when N is rounded by a certain method (for

  4. If x is a positive integer, how many positive integers less than x are

  5. If m and n are positive integers, is n even?

  6. If m and n are positive integers, what is the value of 3/m + n/4 ?

  7. The first four digits of the six-digit initial password for a shopper'

  8. If K is a positive integer less than 10 and N = 4,321 + K, what is the

  9. If s is an integer, is 24 a divisor of s ?

  10. n = 2^4*3^2*5^2 and positive integer d is a divisor of n. Is d > n^?

  11. Exactly 3 deposits have been made in a savings account and the amounts

  12. If x, y, and d are integers and d is odd, are both x and y divisible

  13. If x and y are integers, is xy + 1 divisible by 3 ?

  14. If x and y are integers between 10 and 99, inclusive, is (x - y)/9 an

  15. If b is the product of three consecutive positive integers c, c + 1

  16. If denotes a mathematical operation, does xy = yx for all x and y?

  17. If n is an integer, is n/15 an integer?

  18. If 1 < d < 2, is the tenths digit of the decimal representation of d

  19. The 9 participants in a race were divided into 3 teams with 3 runners

  20. Can the positive integer n be written as the sum of two different posi

  21. Is x an integer? (1)x^2 is an integer. (2)x/2 is not an integer.

  22. If b is an integer, is (a^2 + b^2)^(1/2) an integer?


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